10 Brands That Are Crushing It With Instagram Video


Instagram was initially a platform with little options for video content. You could post 15 second videos and that was about it. It wasn’t until early 2016, six years after it launched, that it expanded its capabilities to a full 60 seconds.

Now just about every brand utilizes Instagram video. Honestly, it’d be a mistake not to do so. Being able to offer your followers a variety of different content is always a benefit. It gives you a chance to spice things up, and make it constantly fresh for them.

This article highlights ten brands that are doing Instagram video marketing right, and what can be learned from their example.

1. HGTV.

“How-tos” are one of the most popular types of content on the internet right now. These are handy videos that give the viewer a step-by-step tutorial on how to do something. They can cover a range of topics such as cooking recipes, home improvement guides, fashion tips, and instructions on using computer technology.

It’s only fitting that HGTV has jumped on this trend on Instagram. After all, giving out lifestyle advice is the brand’s entire wheelhouse.

For instance, HGTV posted some spooky recipes to celebrate this last Halloween. The video above shows viewers how to make some delightfully ghoulish “morgue-a-ritas.”

This type of video is ideal for any brand that has specialized knowledge it can share with its audience. Any account that actively tries to help others fix their problems and improve their lives is certain to win over followers.

2. Starbucks.

Sometimes to convert a viewer into a customer, you need to give them a taste of what you have to offer. Starbucks sets a strong precedent in how to do that.

Starbucks often uses Instagram to show off their newest beverages. For this upcoming holiday season, they unveiled the return of their Peppermint Mocha, Caramel Brulee, and Chestnut Praline drinks.

#PeppermintMocha, #CaramelBrulee & #ChestnutPraline, together again.

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The product reveals on Starbuck’s page tend to be simple, looping videos that give viewers a tantalizing glimpse of what they’ll soon be able to have. It’s a perfect use of the format’s visual nature.

Using Instagram to showcase your latest products is a great way to build hype and interest in them. Just make sure that the posts have their own aesthetic value, and aren’t blatant advertisement material.

3. BuzzFeed.

BuzzFeed is known as an aggregator of news, trends, and memes from around the internet. On Instagram, the company has around 3.2 million followers.

One of the areas that BuzzFeed excels in is videos. Given that a large percent of viral content comes in video form, it makes sense that they would take advantage of the format. So you’ll often see things on their feed like clips of cute dogs, or funny gifs from shows and movies.

In light of news this week here are some positive allegations against celebs!

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They also use videos to provide news updates and summarize events. The post above was made to inform viewers about a tweet that became popular and generated hundreds of interesting responses.

This shows that Instagram video can be used as a means to leverage content from other social media networks, such as YouTube or Twitter. Though, if you’re posting content created by other users, make sure to ask for permission first.

4. Nike.

The most powerful tool in any marketer’s toolbox is the ability to provoke emotions. Whether it is joy or sadness, viewers appreciate it when a video makes them feel something. It can even strengthen the connection between a brand and its consumers when done right.

So how can a brand make an emotional appeal to their audience?

One answer is through telling stories. A well-told story can build empathy with the viewer and bring them through an emotional catharsis.

Nike is a brand that specializes in stories. The brand has a long history of helping aspiring athletes achieve their dreams. Suitably, some of their Instagram videos play like short films that reflect this sort of narrative.

The combination of high-quality cinematography, music, and actor performance in this video makes it a knock-out piece of Instagram content. It’s full of infectious energy, and quite inspiring to watch.

5. Amazon.

Amazon is the biggest internet retailer around. It has even surpassed physical stores like Walmart in its overall profit. There’s little that they need to do in order to spread brand awareness at this point.

You’d think that Amazon wouldn’t feel the need to put effort into their Instagram. However, that’s not the case. They go above and beyond with their content, especially their videos.

Pumpkins and patterns and the possibility of Prime Now. #stopmotion #Halloween #ohmygourd 🎃

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The video above is a stop-motion short that Amazon put up for Halloween. It’s actually an astounding video when you think about the sheer amount of work put into it. Each individual frame is a pumpkin that had to be carved, positioned, photographed, and then edited together to match the beat of the music.

Talent and creativity are things that go a long way on Instagram. You don’t have to be a customer to appreciate the skill and effort on display.

6. Teen Vogue.

With the decline of print, many magazines had to reinvent themselves in the digital era. Teen Vogue has certainly managed to find a new home on places like Instagram.

The brand had many aces up its sleeve that helped make sure the transition was successful. One of them was the fact that they could get access to the biggest names in music, television, film, and fashion.

As you’re probably aware, Netflix recently released the hotly-anticipated season 2 of their series Stranger Things. Nearly everybody online has been talking about their favorite scenes and characters as soon as it was out.

Teen Vogue took advantage of the buzz by inviting some of the show’s actors for an amusing little video. In it, they poke fun at some nostalgic treasures from the 80s. It’s a treat for any Stranger Things fan.

It goes to show that even though influencers are edging out celebrities in terms of impact, the latter still has its drawing power.

7. Red Bull.

Very few brands do videos on Instagram as well as Red Bull.

With a camera style that sticks close to the action, their videos are thrilling, kinetic, and mesmerising. You’d be hard-pressed to find more exciting footage anywhere else on Instagram.

Pump track 🏃: @juddhenkes 🎥: @chandlerhuntxx #snowboard #winter #shred

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Years ago, Red Bull made the conscious choice to focus exclusively on extreme sports. The association has since come to define the brand and its image.
Extreme sports is all about movement, precision and speed. Still photographs can be nice, but they rarely do justice to the jaw-dropping stunts and tricks that its athletes pull off regularly. This is probably why a majority of Red Bull’s feed is comprised of videos.

Form should always match content when it comes to your posts. If video is the best way you can capture and present a subject, then go for it.

8. NASA.

Knowledge is power. NASA can tell you that much.

As its duty to the citizens of the world, NASA is dedicated to informing the public about the wonders of the universe around us. It uses Instagram as one of its many outlets to do this.

What's up in the night skies this #November? On Nov. 13 and 14, early risers all around the world will have a chance to see #Venus and #Jupiter together before dawn. At their closest on Monday morning, they will be about half the diameter of the full moon from each other. This month, both Jupiter and Venus rise above the eastern horizon about an hour before the sun rises. You should be able to see the two planets about 5 degrees above the horizon a half hour later (5 degrees can be measured by holding three fingers of your outstretched hand to the horizon). Venus will be to the lower right of Jupiter on Monday, when they will be less than one finger length apart, and farther below Jupiter on the Tuesday. Look with your binoculars, but take care not to aim on the horizon at the rising sun because you will damage your eyes. On Thursday, the moon will be visible above Jupiter in the dawn sky. A conjunction occurs when the apparent motion of one or both of two planets brings them into apparent proximity. In reality, since conjunctions are only from our perspective here on Earth, the objects are never really close to each other physically. You can make a conjunction by holding up your thumb near the moon in the sky: They look close together, but are really far apart. Credit: NASA/JPL #astronomy #fun #free #night #sky #planets #stars #moon #NASA #JPL #whatsup #science #video #nightsky #stargazing #space #jupiter #venus

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Every month, NASA posts videos about observable phenomenon that you’ll be able to view in the sky. It’s something that astronomers and amateur stargazers alike can appreciate. Who knows, it might even inspire people into picking up the hobby.

NASA also creates animations to illustrate astronomical events. The video below shows the collision of two neutron stars, based on a recently observed event that happened in August. It’s breathtaking to behold.

Round and round they go – then BOOM! This animation begins with the final moments of two neutron stars (the super-dense cores of exploded massive stars), whirling around each other in a galaxy 130 million light-years away. Gravitational waves (rippling disturbance in space-time, shown here as pale arcs) bleed away orbital energy, causing the stars to move closer together and merge. As the stars collide, this explosive event emits light across a series of different wavelengths – first gamma rays (magenta), then ultraviolet (violet), then visible and infrared (blue-white to red) and once the jet directed toward us expanded into our view from Earth, X-rays (blue). Our Fermi Gamma-Ray Space Telescope witnessed this event on August 17, 2017 and we watched it unfold over multiple days with a variety of other telescopes, including the Swift spacecraft, the Hubble Space Telescope (@NASAHubble), the Spitzer Space Telescope, our Chandra X-Ray Observatory (@NASAChandraXray) and our NuSTAR mission. The detectors at the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) received a gravitational wave signal just 1.7 seconds before the first light was seen by Fermi, making this the first event observed in both light and gravitational waves. Credit: @NASAGoddard/CI Lab #space #nasa #universe #galaxy #stars #astrophysics #astronomy #science #gammarays #ultraviolet #infrared #xrays #gravitationalwaves #neutronstars #hubble #chandra #spitzer #nustar #fermi #swift

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The captions for these videos are packed with information to feed your minds and imaginations. NASA certainly doesn’t leave you empty-handed when it comes to the facts.

Science rules.

9. Oreo and Android.

Instagram doesn’t have to be a lonely place. It was made primarily for interaction and socialization, after all.

Brands can definitely benefit from teaming up more often. The partnership between Oreo and Android is a testament to this. They began working together after Android decided to name their latest operating system after the cookie.

The two companies began posting the same videos across both accounts. They’re short and sweet clips that feature charming animation.

And who doesn’t love watching some cartoons every now and then?

Now that's something to dunk about. #AndroidOreo

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Cooperating with other brands is an underrated tactic in Instagram marketing. You can pool your resources together to reach a wider audience than you would alone.

10. Saturday Night Live.

Lately Saturday Night Live has been enjoying a renaissance of sorts. The show has been around for 42 years now, but its popularity has ebbed and flowed over time.

Social media has played a vital role in its most recent surge in viewership. Platforms like Instagram have made it easier to share images and clips from the show.

SNL tends to focus on two types of content with their own account. They either share snippets from their skits, or they give viewers a look backstage. Both are compelling in their own ways.

@colinjost's transformation. 📹 @louiezfx #SNL #SNLBackstage

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People are generally intrigued by what happens behind the scenes of their favorite companies. A candid peek like this is a great way to satisfy their curiosity.

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