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25 Common (and Totally Fixable) Mistakes That Brands Make on Instagram


It’s only human to make mistakes. I mean, who among us can say they haven’t made blunders on social media? Thankfully, most of our missteps have been made before, and we can learn from the errors of our predecessors. As previously described here on Owlmetrics, there are many mistakes that brands tend to make on Instagram. This article will go over 25 more of these common mistakes that, while...

7 Tips for Getting Your Brand on Instagram’s Explore Page


Instagram employs a secretive algorithm that determines what is and is not displayed within the feed and on the Explore page. The company offers only a 3-sentence explanation about how they determine what content is displayed on this page, saying, “Posts are selected automatically based on things like the people you follow or the posts you like. You may also see video channels, which can include...

10 Secrets to Going Viral on Instagram


Instagram is no longer a niche social media platform for photography aficionados. Today, it is used by over 700 million people each month, and it has the power to take anonymous brands to prime time. In order for social media marketers to be successful with Instagram, it is important to understand the secrets of creating viral content. Sometimes virality just happens, and there’s an element of...

The Ultimate Guide to Posting User-Generated Content on Instagram


User-generated content (also known as UGC) is a highly effective form of marketing. The term refers to the phenomenon in which a user (often a customer) creates content that features a brand, or that was created with the help of a particular product. This type of content has become popular thanks to social media platforms like Instagram, where customers praise or disparage brands via visual...

10 Tips for Writing More Creative and Engaging Instagram Captions


The old saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” might have been crafted for the age of Instagram. Visual content has helped Instagram to become one of the largest and most successful social media networks in history. Over 700 million people use the platform, and this year Instagram is expected to generate $2 billion in advertising revenue. But the adage does not mean that words are useless...

The Ultimate Guide to Using Emojis in Social Media Marketing


If you are online on a regular basis, you are probably familiar with emojis. Emojis are the little graphical icons that accompany text. They come in a variety of forms, such as smiley faces, hand gestures, animals and objects. Emojis first emerged in the late 1990s. They were initially created for Japanese mobile phones, to be used in their messaging programs. With the spread of smartphones, they...

7 Tips for Building Your Brand on Instagram


As you take the first steps to kick off your brand’s Instagram presence, make sure you pay attention to each move you make. Posting, hash-tagging and every other aspect of your digital brand should be done with purpose. Regardless of what your brand is, the following 7 tips can help you grow a valuable Instagram audience. 1. Set clear expectations. Instagram can help you build brand awareness...

50 Tips for Building a Massive Instagram Following


Instagram is currently the fastest growing social network. Half of the world’s internet users are now on it. Nevertheless, even if you post amazing images, it can often be a struggle to pull in a decent-sized audience. This is disheartening for anybody who is just starting out. Here are 50 tips to help you dramatically increase your Instagram following. 1. Be Responsive Instagram is a social...

Instagram Analytics: 4 Metrics You Should Be Tracking


In the modern connected era, social media is key for every personal brand and business, and Instagram is quickly becoming one of the primary platforms. However, every person has a different ambition for their account. Regardless of why you originally signed up for Instagram, you need detailed Instagram analytics for your account. Here are 4 metrics that all successful Instagram practices pay...

A Step-by-Step Guide to Advertising on Instagram


These days, businesses simply cannot survive without a social media presence. A vast majority of the public interacts on social networks for hours every day. If brands want to rise above the digital noise and be noticed, they too must join these communities. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter are the 2 most commonly targeted by advertisers, due to their mainstream recognition. Many companies...

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