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15 Most Creative Instagram Marketing Campaigns of 2017


This year Instagram reached a new milestone. There are now 800 million users who are active on a monthly basis. Instagram will soon have a user base as large as its parent company, Facebook. It’s no wonder that so many businesses are trying to establish themselves on the platform. However, a number are finding that it isn’t as easy as they’d anticipated. Learning from the best is often an...

12 Secrets to Marketing to Gen Z on Instagram


Generation Zers are those currently between 5 and 22 years old. According to a study conducted by Goldman Sachs, they are an even more strategically valuable demographic than millennials. Gen Zers are the first “digital native” generation, having grown up with the internet, cell phones and personal computers. Today, they have roughly $44 billion in buying power, and that figure will continue to...

15 Instagram Growth Hacks You Haven’t Heard Before


If you Google “Instagram growth hacks,” you’ll come up with 15 million results. Given that approximately 800 million people use Instagram, it is no surprise that so much content has been written about how marketers can optimize their accounts. However, all of this content can make it difficult to know what does and does not work when trying to grow an Instagram account. This article...

20 Hidden Instagram Tricks and Features You Might Not Know About


Do you ever feel a little behind in your Instagram knowledge? You can probably get around and do the basics just fine. However, when you look at everybody else around you, they seem way more advanced. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Social media platforms are always changing, and can be difficult to navigate even for experienced users. Don’t let that discourage you, though. It’s never too late to...

8 Tips for Creating an Effective Instagram Stories Ad


Though it is just over one year old, Instagram Stories has already amassed roughly 250 million daily active users. That means more people use Instagram Stories than use all of Snapchat. Instagram announced earlier this year that all businesses would have the ability to create Instagram Stories ads. Today, brands as diverse as TD Bank, Reebok, National Geographic and Disney use Instagram Stories...

How to Set an Instagram Ad Budget


Instagram isn’t just for posting social media content organically. It’s also a tool used by businesses to increase engagement, grow followers and drive revenue. Instagram is used by about 800 million people across the globe, and is currently the fastest growing social network. Since Instagram is owned by Facebook, advertisers have access to Facebook’s advanced tools. These make it...

10 Mistakes Newbies Make with Paid Instagram Ads


Facebook does not share how much revenue Instagram is making through ads. Instead, they combine the revenue generated from all of their properties, including Instagram, in one unified report. However, some analysts value Instagram at about $35 billion. This means that Instagram is making billions of dollars in ad revenue each year. Brands as prestigious as Apple, Nike and Salesforce all use...

10 Ways to Acquire Customers on Social Media


In the early days of digital marketing, organizations created customers through email and simple display ads. Then Google revolutionized the way we find content online, and search engine marketing become a key component of any customer-acquisition strategy. With the rise of social media platforms around the year 2007, businesses began turning to these networks to acquire customers. Otherwise...

10 Things Your Brand Can Learn from Red Bull’s Instagram Account


When it comes to soft drink brands on Instagram, Red Bull rules the roost. It sits at the top of the list in terms of influence and customer engagement. Perhaps this is why they’re also the top-selling energy drink in the world. After all, it’s hard to sell your product without a solid marketing presence to bolster awareness. By studying Red Bull’s Instagram strategies, you can give your...

Why Smart Marketers Are Doubling Down on Instagram Stories


Earlier this year, Instagram announced that Stories, a product released a year ago, had acquired 250 million monthly users. When Stories was launched in 2016, the product was seen as a Snapchat rip-off that would struggle to find a substantial number of users. Today, Instagram Stories is growing quickly. It is used by members of Generation Z to stay connected with friends, by Instagram...

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