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9 Instagram Trends to Watch in 2018


In 2017, Instagram acquired approximately 100 million new users and developed Instagram Stories to become a Snapchat killer. Next year, Instagram is poised to become an even more important part of our social media diet, as the company works to develop new features. Social media marketers and Instagram influencers should know that Instagram is always changing. This article will review 10 of the...

How Instagram Contests Can Increase Your Instagram Engagement by 157%


A study published by the marketing automation company Hubspot found that 34 percent of fans and followers acquired by brands came aboard as a result of social media contests. Though you may have thought that social media contests were a thing of the past, they are still being used by savvy social media marketers to acquire new followers and engage existing ones. Instagram contests are so...

11 Reasons You’re Not Gaining Instagram Followers (and How to Fix It)


Despite your best efforts, your Instagram marketing plans are simply not panning out. Existing followers are not engaging with content in the numbers you had hoped, and new followers who are a part of your target audience are few and far between. If this scenario resonates with you, welcome to the social media void. The void is a 21st-century challenge, in which social media marketers must find a...

The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Links on Instagram


With the rise of personal websites and trackable links came affiliate marketing programs. The principle is fairly simple: Promote a product or service to a loyal audience, and receive a portion of the profit in exchange. Affiliate marketing programs have been used by celebrity influencers and micro-influencers alike to generate meaningful money through endorsements. While affiliate marketing is...

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