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10 Ways to Use Instagram Video for Business


With more than 500 million active users, Instagram continues to beat it’s chest as a leading hub for internet activity. If you’re an entrepreneur or marketer, then chances are you’ve already started developing your presence on the platform. However, with the help of video, there are countless ways to keep things fresh as you tap into this massive stream of social media users. Instagram offers an...

10 Instagram Aesthetic Hacks to Make Your Brand Stand Out


Instagram can be a tough place to gain your footing. Unlike other social networks, it’s a platform that’s based more on visual content than text. The better the image, the more engagement it tends to get. That means you need some photographic talent to get ahead. This can be a daunting task, as Instagram is already packed with countless users who produce impeccable content on a regular basis. If...

10 Brands That Are Crushing It With Instagram Video


Instagram was initially a platform with little options for video content. You could post 15 second videos and that was about it. It wasn’t until early 2016, six years after it launched, that it expanded its capabilities to a full 60 seconds. Now just about every brand utilizes Instagram video. Honestly, it’d be a mistake not to do so. Being able to offer your followers a variety of different...

10 Reasons Your Instagram Account Isn’t Growing


Getting anywhere on Instagram can be a painfully slow process. At times, it can seem like your follower count has stalled and you’ve reached a plateau. More often than not, this sluggish growth is the result of how you approach Instagram. You might be doing something that discourages new followers. If that’s the case, then don’t worry. Navigating the realm of social media is a trial-and-error...

5 Ways to Convert Your Instagram Audience Into Customers


The ultimate goal of any brand on a social network is to convince their viewers into buying their products. It’s the bottom line when it comes to any type of marketing. All of the effort that gets put into running a social media account is done with the hope that it will result in higher sales. Getting conversions isn’t an easy process, though. Each platform requires a different approach when it...

10 Effective Tips to Create Killer Instagram Content in 2018


  2017 was unquestionably a big year for Instagram marketing. As the social network grew and underwent changes, marketers learned to adapt and optimize their strategies. 2018 will likely be no different in that regard. Every year brings unique challenges, as technological and social media advances happen so rapidly. Sometimes what worked before can become obsolete and ineffective. New trends...

10 Reasons Your Brand Should Work with Micro-Influencers on Instagram


By this point, most businesses are familiar with influencer marketing. Last year, approximately 86% of marketers said that they used influencers in their campaigns, and the percentage has risen significantly since then. What are micro-influencers, and why are they such a hot topic all of a sudden? A micro-influencer is like any other influencer: they are the influential members and content makers...

How to Boost Brand Conversion on Instagram


Trying to get a conversion can sometimes feel like a bad fishing trip. You see lots of activity in the water around you, but nothing seems to be biting. If that’s the case, you should consider setting sail for Instagram. Compared to other social networks, Instagram has the highest engagement rates when it comes to brands. No other platform comes close. It even gets 4 times more engagement than...

15 Most Creative Instagram Marketing Campaigns of 2017


This year Instagram reached a new milestone. There are now 800 million users who are active on a monthly basis. Instagram will soon have a user base as large as its parent company, Facebook. It’s no wonder that so many businesses are trying to establish themselves on the platform. However, a number are finding that it isn’t as easy as they’d anticipated. Learning from the best is often an...

20 Hidden Instagram Tricks and Features You Might Not Know About


Do you ever feel a little behind in your Instagram knowledge? You can probably get around and do the basics just fine. However, when you look at everybody else around you, they seem way more advanced. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Social media platforms are always changing, and can be difficult to navigate even for experienced users. Don’t let that discourage you, though. It’s never too late to...

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