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11 Tips for Your Next Instagram Marketing Campaign


The day after Apple announced the iPhone X, the company placed a prominent ad on Instagram. In years past, Apple might have launched their ad campaign for a new iPhone on a series of billboards or on television. But Instagram has become such a prominent medium that Apple had no choice but to develop a compelling Instagram ad campaign. Roughly 800 million people use Instagram every month (and 500...

How to Set an Instagram Ad Budget


Instagram isn’t just for posting social media content organically. It’s also a tool used by businesses to increase engagement, grow followers and drive revenue. Instagram is used by about 800 million people across the globe, and is currently the fastest growing social network. Since Instagram is owned by Facebook, advertisers have access to Facebook’s advanced tools. These make it...

10 Mistakes Newbies Make with Paid Instagram Ads


Facebook does not share how much revenue Instagram is making through ads. Instead, they combine the revenue generated from all of their properties, including Instagram, in one unified report. However, some analysts value Instagram at about $35 billion. This means that Instagram is making billions of dollars in ad revenue each year. Brands as prestigious as Apple, Nike and Salesforce all use...

A Step-by-Step Guide to Advertising on Instagram


These days, businesses simply cannot survive without a social media presence. A vast majority of the public interacts on social networks for hours every day. If brands want to rise above the digital noise and be noticed, they too must join these communities. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter are the 2 most commonly targeted by advertisers, due to their mainstream recognition. Many companies...

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