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Why Smart Marketers Are Doubling Down on Instagram Stories


Earlier this year, Instagram announced that Stories, a product released a year ago, had acquired 250 million monthly users. When Stories was launched in 2016, the product was seen as a Snapchat rip-off that would struggle to find a substantial number of users. Today, Instagram Stories is growing quickly. It is used by members of Generation Z to stay connected with friends, by Instagram...

Why CMOs Should Use Instagram Stories Rather Than Snapchat


Ever since the introduction of Instagram Stories, the writing has been on the wall for Snapchat. Its era is coming to an end. Sure, Snapchat was here first. It definitely deserves recognition for what it accomplished. It was the pioneer of ephemeral image messaging. It’s also continuing to grow at a moderate pace, which means it might still have some life in it. Yet, within the span of a year...

Instagram Stories Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide


Snapchat was founded in September 2011. Since then, the social media platform has posed a serious threat to the success of Facebook’s future cash cow, Instagram. A few months after launching, Snapchat already had 100,000 users. High school students who were looking for a way to share ephemeral content started migrating to Snapchat in droves. By August 2016, Snapchat had over 150 million users and...

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